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Tulsa Edison High School Class of 1969 - Guestbook

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Suzy Henry Hughes - 09-01-2009
sorry I won't be able to be there,, but I would like every bit of the information about all our classmates.  This will be a great time,, so sad I will miss seeing so many of you..Enjoy the reunion...
Randy Duncan - 08-01-2009
When most of you look at the year book page, you see a bunch of very young faces. I see old people. I went to Eisenhower with more than a few of you, but moved to Plano, TX after a year at Edison Jr. High.  Great site.
Donna Hampton Kramer - 07-31-2009
Just had lunch with Peggy Maness and Jan Patterson, now I am really looking forward to the reunion.  
Beverly Baker Haas Class of 1970 - 07-29-2009
This is awesom!
On the 26th of Sept. I will be celebrating my 40th anniversary.
If any of you fly private planes, like Cessnas, and smaller. My husband bought an air strip in Bixby. Jomes' air port uses our strip for teaching touch and goes. But, if any of you fly, and need a place to tie down, you're welcome to use our air strip. Just land, knock on our front door and we'll get you to your hotel, or your reunion.
Jan Briggs Tussey - 07-23-2009
I have never attended one of our reunions,  mainly because my family moved to Houston immediately after graduation and I lost contact with most all of my high school friends.  This website and facebook has enabled me to reconnect with many of them.   I am now trying to rearrange my schedule to come to the reunion.
Thanks to everyone who has been working on the reunion and this great website.
Linda M. (Shaffer) Berlin - 06-30-2009
Hope to find out more information
Trudy Stevens Milner - 06-13-2009
Looking forward to seeing everyone at our 40!  I MISSED the 30th!  This is a great website.  Cudos to whomever created this! Trudy
philip - 06-11-2009
okay...someone get off there duff, and get ahold of jamie oldaker and dwight twilley, mebbe ann bishop too....to bad we couldn't put together our own jam night on sept 25! some of you may have attended the 2009 edison reunion as i did, when wayman tisdale, jr walked across the stage! it was really neat to see the sparkle that's still there! hey, let's give it up to thomas alva...he started the whole thing...we just continued the gig a bit fartha!
DeeDee Davidson Hill - 06-09-2009
Great website!!  Sure brings back memories that can't be 40 plus years old.  Thanks to all of you working on the reunion.  Just found out about it today. Thanks to Frank and Cindy for getting me the information!  Tom and I will be checking our calendars!!  Would love to see everybody!
Mary Jackson Long - 06-04-2009
I was just directed here by Katy Martin and this website is great!  The class of '69 always did things in a big way.  I hope I can make it to the reunion. (I have just spent the last 2 hours going over every bit of it).
David morton - 05-22-2009
I heard about this website last night and am fascinated with it. Great Job. Looking forward to the re-union
Steve Coulter - 05-11-2009
Not able to attend reunion but would love to hear from anyone so disposed.  
Patti Tschappat (now Kate McKenzie) - 05-01-2009
Just seeing the names of all of you I vaguely remember once I disappeared in October, 1969 to Vermont to give birth to Casey, now 40, brings back warm feelings and vivid memories.  I don't know if I will be able to come to the reunion, but Eleanor Weisman sweetly sent me the invitation so I am now reconnected.  Kate )Patti)
Tom Rodman - 04-29-2009
Just a note to let you know that the website committe posted a link to Laven Sowell's website under 'Offsite Links'.  The website is sort of a memoire to Laven's career, much of which was centered around Edison High School.  Not only does it contain a lot of photos from the years we were there, but most all the recordings of the Concert Chorus are there for the listening.   Laven still lives at Inverness Village in Tulsa.  
Peter Bruce Miller - 04-25-2009
I'm planning on being at this reunion!  Been a respiratory therapist since 1972, married for 25 years now and have a 24 year old daughter.  Living in Enid, of all places. . . . best wishes for everybody and if ya want, drop me a line!  

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