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Tulsa Edison High School Class of 1969 - Photo Galleries

Welcome to our Photo Galleries feature. If you or a group of classmates would like to start a separate special interest photo gallery you may submit a request by clicking on the contact administrator button.

Don't be shy, our package with the web host gives us 5,000 pics so keep 'em coming, if your scans are rejected lower the resoltution and try again..

  • 10 Year Reunion
  • 10 Year Reunion - Help us find some pics

  • 15 Year Reunion

  • 20 Year Reunion
  • Check your files to see if you have any pics from 1989's reunion...  Send them in even if yo can't recognize the subject... Someone will...

  • 30 Year Reunion
  • Here are some of the pics that I had in the file from the 30 yr...   If you have any please send them in and I'll get them on ASAP....  Try to identify folks if you can...


  • 40 Yr Reunion
  • Post your pics of the 40 Yr Here

  • 50 Yr Reunion
  • Feel free to post any pics you have

  • Class Museum
  • Help preserve our class history. Upload artifacts and memorbilia from our class past here in our class museum.

  • Club: Book Club
  • The Bookers is the name of our club. We plan on selecting 9 books a year to read (Jan, Feb, Mar, April, May & June, July & Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov & Dec). This gives us a break in the summer and during the main holiday season.

  • Club: School Cafeteria
  • The school cafeteria was never quite like this! For all of you who love to dabble in the culinary arts or just love to partake in a good meal....this online forum is for sharing and discussing your favorite recipes and other matters of culinary interest.

  • Dwight Twilley Watercolor '68
  • This is a watercolor Dwight gave to George Rebh in art class during 1968.  George kept it all these years and wanted everyone to see just how talented Dwight was and is....

  • Edison Sports
  • See if you have any pics from high school sports and send them in to be posted, here are some from the Yearbook and a couple others too...   Funny how there are more basketball pics....

  • In Memory of
  • Forever young.......in memory of our classmates who have passed away. Let us not dwell on the circumstances of their passing but celebrate how they touched our lives.

  • Look at us now
  • Getting older and proud of it! Yes like it or not.....we're all getting a little grayer, a few more wrinkles, carrying a few extra lbs, a few less hairs. It's part of life! Share recent pictures of yourselves or with your families.. Simply click add photos link.

  • Looking Back
  • Classmates are going up in their attics, dusting off their scrapbooks and sharing their favorite personal photos from yesteryear. Help document the candid parts of our class past by posting your old personal photos.

  • We Got Together
  • Gotten together with some of your classmates recently? Post pictures of your get togethers for others to enjoy.

  • Yearbook
  • Welcome to our electronic class yearbook. We hope you enjoy browsing these pages from our class past.

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