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Tulsa Edison High School Class of 1969 - Class Trivia Contest #1
Thanks to Ken Petta, we now have a good and growing group of TRIVIA questions to test your memory...   Please feel free to submit yours...

1. Who was the School Principal?
A - Alexander the Great
B - Grover Cleveland
C - Grover from Seseme Street
D - Mr. Butts
E - Grover Washington, Jr.
F - Lewis Clevland

2. What was Thomas Edison's middle name
A - Alvin
B - Big Al
C - Alva
D - Alvina

3. What the hell were the Swimettes anyway?
A - Girls who could swim and never get their hair wet
B - Our only attempt at Girls Sports pre-Title IX
C - Olympic hopefulls
D - Was Pat Wilson really an honorary Swimette

4. Who was the student teacher in the Business Law class?
A - Mr. Slater
B - Mr. Butts
C - Mr. Gordon
D - Mr. Twist

5. What was the hamburger joint we frequented on harvard?
A - Pennington's
B - Louie's
C - Frank's
D - Quick Willie's
E - Hardy's

6. What the another name for the strip (peoria)
A - bob O's
B - the rock
C - the turbine
D - the restless ribbon
E - trudy's place

7. who was the junior high p.e. director
A - Wade Phillips
B - Jim Sellers
C - Mr. Butts
D - Mrs. Notley
E - Nocus McIntosh

8. What alumnus lived in the 2 story house just east of school
A - Mel Knight
B - Frank Rhoades
C - Jim Rodgers
D - Mr Whimple
E - Alfred E Newman
F - Jerry Bob Lee

9. What was the coffee joint around 31st and harvard
A - wet willie's
B - Frank's
C - St Michael's alley
D - the ball park
E - Driller's Hangout

10. The nickname of the dirt mound on sheridan bikers tried to climb?
A - Mile's mound
B - Honda Hill
C - Jerry's playground
D - Lover's lane
E - The rock

11. what was a favorite place to make out near St John's Hosp?
A - Larry's
B - The pond
C - Swan Lake
D - Mockingbird Lake
E - Crystal's
F - Judy's place

12. What apt complex had an awesome view near 61st sheridan
A - The hangout
B - marajuana mound
C - Old Mozingo's
D - The Falls
E - the complex
F - Alsace Lorraine

13. what did memorialites put in our trophy case at one time?
A - A six pack
B - some joints
C - Some dr pepper
D - a dead chicken painted green
E - a dead rat
F - some m-80's

14. In 1969 Edison was considered an integrated school because of
A - Spencer Tillman
B - Waymon Tisdale
C - Melvin Driver
D - Ed Lacy

15. which song would not be on our radio in '69
A - I Can't Stop Loving You
B - To Sir with Love
C - Cathy's clown
D - Big Girls don't cry
E - Le Freak
F - Hey Jude

16. What is the most number of edison students to cram into a VW?
A - 8
B - 10
C - 13
D - 12
E - unknown
F - 9

17. Paul Harvey went to which elementary school?
A - Eisenhower
B - Remington
C - Longfellow
D - Grimes
E - Emerson
F - Lindbergh

18. Who was the Dean of Girls?
A - Dean Brophy
B - Dean Clark
C - Dean Henderson
D - Dean Hawthorne

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