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Tulsa Edison High School Class of 1969 - Message Board

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Lots of missing people
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Patty Tessier Taylor
07-21-2009 01:05pm
Wow!  Glad to find this website.  I was doing some biz with Marci Neal and she told me about it.  I can't believe that there are so many missing people...including me cuz I thought I was pretty visible in T-Town.  I guess not.  I know lots of the missing people and will give you info later.  Anyway, glad to hear about the reunion.  Good work on the website!  

Re: Lots of missing people
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Frank Rhoades
07-26-2009 12:51am
There are many, many people who have for whatever reason, have chosen not to update their info. even though they know about this website.   Hopefully they will end up at the reunion anyway.  

Most people remember they graduated in a year ending in 9 and its not that hard to find out what's going on.....  This IS the 4th time we've gone through this drill for God's sake....

Anyway, we plan to keep this website funded and monitored, so over the years I believe more and more of the MISSING will find their way here.  Thanks to Marci for turning you on to the site, that's really all it takes and we all need to pitch in like her and keep locating folks.

I've attached the OFFICIAL REGISTRATION FORM for the reunion for anyone who did not get it directly.  

Attached File: Official Registration Form EHS 40 Yr Reunion.pdf

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